Interviews on 97.1 WQMG for the CMAC Project

Marta Richardson Interview @ 97.1 WQMG for the CMAC Project

The Challenge

Build community interest, credibility, and visibility for the launch of our client’s innovative, nonprofit project: The CMAC Project (aka Classical Music Across Cultures).


The Delivery

DitraCreative pitched the idea for an interview to the folks at 97.1 QMG and 1510 WEAL who invited our client (twice) to talk about the project live on their Community Focus program. Along with the live interviews, our press releases were picked up by local newspapers which further increased interest and visibility in the community. The results included a nearly sold out community concert in the 2000+ capacity Aycock Auditorium at UNCG, as well as other successful aspects of the project as a whole.

Listen the first interview.
Listen the follow-up interview.
View Press Release (I)
View Press Release (II)
View Press Release (III)

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